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“Specializing in the art of fieldcraft & extending the hunter/marksman’s proficient range through training and the proper application of DRW Precision-crafted Rifles”   

  1. -Glen Demaray,
    Riflesmith & Field Craft Specialist

Here at Demaray Rifle Works (DRW), I strive to enhance my customers’ awareness as to which improvements will vastly increase their proficiency as both hunters and marksmen.

This approach is quite different from most custom rifle shops/builders. Yes, my rifles are built to exacting standards and will match the performance of any of the many other top custom builders in the country. The most important questions to inquire about a custom rifle and you:


        Does the rifle fit?

        Do you know how to fully capitalize on your rifle?

A truly custom hunting rifle should come to the shoulder with ease, balance perfectly, and feel like an extension of the shooter’s body. One of the most critical alignments for precision shot placement (from any position) with today’s modern optics is the cheek weld. Without a solid contact to reference for each shot the scope’s parallax can and will affect where your bullet impacts. The design of my cheek pieces is unique and, unlike most other adjustable types, the DRW cheek piece model only adds 2 to 3 ounces to your rifle’s weight. One other major benefit is the reduction of fatigue. Often we find ourselves set-up for a shot in which a wait is involved. When you can rest the weight of your head on the stock and maintain a clear sight picture, you will be able to stay focused on the shot instead of the pain in your neck.

Glen with his 7 Saum at Quarter Circle Steel Match 2011